2018 Scholarship Winner - M. Boulos

Meredith Boulos
Portland, Oregon
Member Organization: Office Environments & Services 

Meredith is an MD/MPH student at Oregon Health and Science University. At OHSU, Meredith has championed causes of child injury prevention and clinical management ranging from firearm safety, to newborn sleep safety, to pediatric blunt trauma evaluation. Her pediatric trauma research is being used to revise trauma protocols and reduce the use of Chest CTs at both level 1 trauma centers in Oregon.

Meredith is passionate about serving children in her community. In 2016, she co-founded the Mini-Med School, an annual event in which students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in medicine come to OHSU for a day of education, academic counseling and career inspiration. She is also an academic tutor for middle and high school students at the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization.

Additionally, she is engaged in policy, recently drafting a resolution engaging the Oregon Medical Association to endorse a ban on flavored e-cigarettes in the state of Oregon, which was unanimously passed by the board of directors. Meredith is currently studying epidemiology and biostatistics for her masters in public health, and is heavily engaged in pediatrics research endeavors at OHSU. Meredith intends to continue her efforts in community engagement, policy and research as a pediatrician.

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