2018 Scholarship Winner - D. Hallman

Dylan Hallman
Justin, Texas
Member Organization: ECi Solutions

Hi, my name is Dylan Hallman, and I will be attending North Central Texas College in Corinth this fall. I've decided to go into this year as an Accounting major to obtain an Associate's degree, because I personally believe it will be the most beneficial for me going beyond college and into a fulfilling job. In high school, I've always had an interest for my Economics class. One day, my teacher had shown us a clip of The Dave Ramsey Show, which showed Dave Ramsey giving college students financial advice. This led me to believe that I should make wise financial decisions when faced with having to pay for school. Hence, why I chose to go to NCTC first. My plan after NCTC is to transfer over to University of North Texas, where I can get a Bachelor's degree, afterwards working to obtain a CPA license. I feel fortunate to win this scholarship because it will help reduce the cost for my education, and allow me to dedicate more time to my studies. Additionally, being able to add scholarship awards to my CV is a solid way of demonstrating that I am a valuable commodity to future employers. If I can show that I have achieved excellence and stood out from other students, my resume will stand out as well.

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