2018 Scholarship Recipient - R. Blocksdorf

Roxy Blocksdorf
Baltimore, Maryland
Member Organization: MOI, Inc. 

My name is Roxy Blocksdorf.  I was born in Germany, where both my mother and biological father are from. When I was three, my mother started dating Clifton, and two years later, they got engaged and my mom and I moved to the United States. We lived together in Arlington, Virginia for four years before we moved to Baltimore.

Baltimore gave me an amazing gift: Baltimore School for the Arts, where I spent four years studying acting. I graduated this year with both a deeply-rooted love for acting, and a newfound passion for anthropology. In my acting classes, we spent countless hours studying people, including their ticks or habits, and what those things might mean about a person and what they are like. This developed my interest in anthropology. BSA, a school with under 400 students, also made me realize that I do best in a small school setting.

In the fall, I will be attending Mount Holyoke College, a small womens college in Massachusetts, for anthropology and political science. Once there, I also hope to take part in student government, religion club, debate club, and will be living in a Spanish-speaking floor, to hopefully help me achieve fluency. This scholarship is an incredible help for me and my family, especially for the books I will need for school this year, and I am so grateful to NOPA for helping me in such a tremendous way.

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