2018 Scholarship Recipient - N. McCarthy

Nicole McCarthy
Plainfield, Illinois
Member Organization: Business Office Systems 

As a neuroscience and psychology undergraduate at Carthage College, I am studying the functions of the brain both biologically and psychologically. I am working towards graduate school to earn my Ph.D. in neuroscience so that I may continue researching the brain and its functions. In order to be competitive to get in to graduate school I am participating in research opportunities at my home institution and at other universities during the summer to gain lab experience. I have done research on PTSD and Rett Syndrome, which is an autism spectrum disorder. I am most interested in discovering the mechanisms behind various psychological disorders such as schizophrenia and autism. There are many pathways and functions of the brain that we do not now yet, which is the most interesting part about studying science for me because there will always be new things to learn. By researching these unknown pathways and finding ways to improve malfunctions, I will be able to help improve the lives of people who live with debilitating disorders. This scholarship will help lessen the financial stress of attending college so that I may focus more on my studies rather than on how I will be paying for school.

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