2018 Scholarship Recipient - M. Wright

Mikayla Wright
Mooresville, North Carolina
Member Organization: Forms and Supply, Inc.  

My name is Mikayla Wright, and I am a South Iredell High School graduate from Mooresville, NC. I will be attending North Carolina State University as an undecided major, in which I will explore many of the interests that I currently have as viable career options. These interests include design, both interior and fashion, as well as science and my passion for chemistry. For over two years, I have worked part time at a local pizzeria, and enjoy reading, playing the ukulele and hiking in my spare time. I have always had a strong passion for serving others and using my voice to create a difference while expressing myself, which led me to create my own website in 2016 and be apart of numerous community betterment projects throughout my early education. I am grateful for this scholarship, as it will help me access those similar experiences at a collegiate level and aid in the purchase of technology and books to further my education. As a first generation college student, opportunities like being able to accept this scholarship are taken with immense gratitude and pride in my family and we are all so very appreciative of the IOPFDA Educational Foundation's Board of Trustees.

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