2017 Small Business Advocacy Recap

Representatives from both the National Office Products Alliance (NOPA) and the Office Furniture Dealers Alliance (OFDA) converged on Washington, D.C. last week where they advocated strong messages to the nation's lawmakers on issues ranging from tax reform, needed healthcare changes and much more. Next year, the organization hopes that this year's successes will result in even more participants in the 2018 Small Business Advocacy Fly-in.


The fly-in was comprised of an afternoon briefing session on Tuesday during which independent dealers were updated on current issues impacting the industry and small business, in general. The session was led by Paul Miller, the association's director of legislative affairs, and offered key insights into how lawmakers are currently eyeing key issues, such as tax and healthcare reform, and GSA-related initiatives.

Below are photos gathered from this year's fly-in and the industry dinner that was held on Tuesday, May 16th and sponsored by Clover Imaging Group (CIG).

Shelli Hellinghausen - Chair
Group photo at dinner
Shelli Hellinghausen - Chair and Legislative Representative

Charles Forman, Independent Stationers; Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN); Scott Moore, Amerisys



For the past 18-years, NOPA has had a strong voice and presence on Capitol Hill, but what we saw this year during our fly-in was so different in terms of energy and excitement. NOPA discussed prior to its Capitol Hill visits whether to present Congress with a laundry list of items impacting our businesses and industry, or focus on two that could have the most immediate impact.  We chose two issues that we knew would have an immediate impact on our businesses and which were the focus.  This year we focused on two core issues in our meetings:

1. Healthcare reform

2. Tax reform

It’s not that the other priorities for NOPA aren’t important, it’s just we wanted our messages to resonate and coming in with a huge laundry list will dilute any success we hoped to achieve for this event and our agenda.  NOPA continues to work toward full repeal of the Obama Administration’s overtime wage provisions, not because we oppose increasing wages, but this increase would triple the current rate, which would have had a devastating impact on small businesses and their ability to grow in a global economy.  We continue to push for regulatory reform.

These are just a few of the priorities NOPA continues to talk about and is excited about with a Republican controlled Congress and White House.  NOPA isn’t a partisan organization, nor does it advocate that way.  NOPA continues to work in a bi-partisan manner because for us and our members, running a small business isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue.  We support members of Congress who are willing to work with us and support small business in their communities grow and thrive. 


With your help, support, and vision, we will continue to be a strong voice for independent dealers using our annual fly-in as one key way to be heard.


You are ready to join us in this fight!

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